Can a HOPE representative speak at my event or place of work?

We would love to. It will depend on the location of your event and the availability of our staff, but please contact us and we will try to accommodate you. HOPE representatives are able to give lectures on related development issues, deliver corporate presentations, or come to speaking engagements at schools, churches, clubs and fundraising events.

Do you pay HOPE volunteers (wages or expenses)?

No. All HOPE volunteers pay or raise the funds for all their travel costs. This is one of the ways we can maximise your donations to projects.

Can I intern or volunteer in the Sydney office? 

Yes. Placements are available and subject to an application process. We also accommodate interns who are studying relevant fields at a tertiary level or Bible College. Please apply online or contact the HOPE Office.

How much of my donation actually goes to the projects? 

We operate on at least 84 cents in every dollar into HOPE Foundation going directly to projects.