Recurring Monthly Donations

All donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible in Australia to HOPE Foundation ABN:69 877 873 696
All donations are made in Australian Dollars (AUD).
Tax deductible funds donated to HOPE: Global will be directed to aid & development activities only. For further information please read the pdf

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Dear friend of Hope,

Will you join us and help us empower people like Dominique?

EOFY Appeal

Dominique, her young son and elderly mother live together in a single room mud hut typical of many rural villagers in Eastern Rwanda. Dominique wants nothing more than to provide a better living for her family and one day hopes to give her son the opportunity that she never had to go to school.

Everything we do from the training and service of our volunteer teams and local partners is focused on empowering individuals and families like Dominiques' by helping them to break the relentless cycle of poverty. Donate today and help us continue this work.

This EOFY we are praying specifically for an additional $4,200 of monthly income to sustain the ministry. If 21 people commit $100 per month and 42 people $50 per month, we would meet this goal.

Every little bit counts and we thank you in advance for your support.

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