Recurring Monthly Donations

Thank you for considering becoming one of our incredible Monthly Partners and supporting our work! 

Our Project Partners have become family, and we've learned that the best way to serve them is by allocating funds in each project 'where most needed'. Your ongoing donation may be used to resource schools, subsidize teacher's salary and student fees or provide vocational training. 

Did you know? 
  • 81% of donations made to HOPE: Global is used to cover program costs while the remaining 19% is used for administration and fundraising purposes. 
  • All donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible in Australia to HOPE Foundation ABN:69 877 873 696 
  • All donations are made in Australian Dollars (AUD).  
  • Tax deductible funds donated to HOPE: Global will be directed to aid & development activities only.
If you would like to donate an alternate amount to options below, our HOPE team can arrange this for you. Please contact us on 02 8198 9475.

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$25 Per Month
$35 Monthly
$55 Monthly
$100 Monthly